Electric Bike Tours of Rome

Electric bike tour of Rome with Easy Bike Rent is the perfect way to start your Rome journey.

Enthusiastic tour leaders and storytellers will lead you through a fantastic exploration of the eternal city.
Choose between different electric bike tours of Rome and decide if you want to visit the marvelous squares, the city center’s unique historical sites, or the suggestive Appian way or Regina Viarum with its Tombs ruins and history.

During our Rome e-bike tours with an electric bike, you will visit places like Trevi Fountain, Navona Square, Campo Dei Fiori, Capitolium Hill, Spanish Steps, or the Aqueducts Park, Villa of Quintili, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, the Church of Quo Vadis and much much more.
We have traveled thousands of kilometers to discover the most beautiful and safest routes for an electric bike tour of Rome.

We have chosen to show you the most famous and famous historical sites and smaller alleys and fantastic views of our magnificent city.
During our Ebike tours, many stops are planned to take many photographs to make this tour unforgettable.

We provide electric bikes with several different frames and sizes, making our tour adapted to anyone able to ride a bike.
Helmets and mobile phone holders are provided on all bikes.
Electric guided bike tours of Rome’s city center and countryside will be the highlight of your stay in Rome.

All tours begin and end in Rome’s central area near restaurants, pubs, bars, and at walking distance from the Colosseum.
All e-bike tours are powered by “Rome in a day tours”.

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