Longtail Cargo Bike

Rent a Longtail cargo e-bike and Discover YOUR real Rome

Our Longtail Electric Bike designed for family use in Rome is an excellent choice for exploring the city with your loved ones.

A longtail electric bike for family use typically features a sturdy and spacious frame with an extended rear cargo area capable of accommodating up to two passengers, including children.
The e-bike is equipped with an electric motor and battery system to provide assistance while pedaling. This feature makes it easier to navigate through Rome’s streets, especially when carrying extra weight from passengers or cargo.

Family-oriented e-bikes prioritize safety by incorporating elements like sturdy frames, reliable brakes, and stable tires suitable for urban riding conditions. Some models may also include features such as adjustable seat belts or harnesses to ensure the safety of young riders.
Besides passenger seating, longtail e-bikes allow you to carry essentials like bags, backpacks, groceries, or even picnic supplies during your family adventures around Rome.
The range and battery life will depend on factors such as terrain, load weight (including passengers), and assistance level selected. However, most modern e-bikes offer sufficient power and range for urban commuting within Rome’s city center without frequent recharging..

A family-friendly longtail e-bike can serve multiple purposes, from daily commuting to leisurely rides or even weekend excursions. It allows you to explore Rome’s attractions while providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone in the family.
With a Longtail electric bike designed for family use, you can navigate Rome’s streets with ease and convenience, enjoying quality time together as you explore the city’s historic sites, parks, and neighborhoods.

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Included in the Price
Safety Lock ⋅ Anti Puncture Tires ⋅ Helmet⋅ One or Two Child Seats

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