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  • Couple enjoying a view to the Colosseum
    Comfortably see amazing sites

Discover your real Rome on an e-bike

Skip busy city roads — Glide through the most beautiful parts of Rome by following any of our 20+ cycling-friendly routes; or carve your trail through this remarkable city.

Riding an e-bike is arguably the best way to experience famous and hidden beauties of Rome. We also help make it safe by providing worry-free routes on GPS devices, quality vehicles, cycling gear to match, and by always being a phone call away

  • Pick a pace – Lazy, casual, smooth, or just stroll along. Take a break if you feel like it.
  • Select the route – Choose from 20+ bike friendly ones, preloaded on GPS. Or contact us for more.
  • Do your own thing – You may just want to wander around. We urge you to do so; with an e-bike, and a navigator, it is both easy and worry-free.
  • 2x the fun, half the effort – A bicycle is fun, simple, and flexible. With an e-bike, you get all that, plus you see and do more, and are still fresh by the end of the day
  • Safest and most appealing – Rome is a mosaic of ages linked by ancient pathways, medieval cobblestone roads, Renaissance gardens and bridges, and modern day pedestrian and bicycle routes. This traffic-free network is the best and safest way to experience the city in all its beauty, and we try to help you do just that.