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All-terrain, reliable. The frames range from S to XL, while the wheels are 28“.

Our “Gravel Bikes” category features versatile bicycles designed to excel on both paved roads and unpaved surfaces, offering riders the freedom to explore diverse terrains. One of the standout options within this category is the Bergamont Endurance.
The Bergamont Endurance, is an exceptional gravel bike crafted to provide comfort, performance, and durability during adventurous rides across various landscapes. With its superb build quality and advanced features, it’s perfectly suited for riders looking to conquer gravel paths, country roads, or even urban commutes with ease.
Featuring an endurance-oriented design philosophy, the Bergamont Endurace prioritizes rider comfort without compromising performance. It typically incorporates ergonomic handlebars and a slightly relaxed riding position that reduces strain on wrists, shoulders, and back during longer rides.
With its robust construction, comfortable design, versatile tire clearance, and reliable components, the Bergamont Endurance delivers exceptional performance on gravel paths while maintaining excellent handling characteristics on paved roads. It allows riders to explore Rome’s countryside with ease while also providing a smooth ride during city commutes.
Rome and its surrounding areas offer diverse terrain, ranging from smooth paved roads to rugged gravel paths and dirt trails. Renting a gravel bike allows you to effortlessly transition between different surfaces, enabling you to explore both urban streets and off-the-beaten-path routes.

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Safety Lock ⋅ Anti Puncture Tires ⋅ Helmet⋅

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